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    This course was developed for women that want to break the cycle of not getting enough done. This is for the solepreneurs, startuppers, those that are starting or have started their businesses but want to maximize their time and even those with a small team. Why women? Women tend to juggle everything from running their home, kids, home businesses, small companies, and all while trying not to look like they're tired. They exhaust their energy in unbalanced routines that waste their days away. Their disorganization leads to unmotivated routines that lead to never starting and never developing the skills needed to move their business goals to the next level. If you find yourself with wanting to accomplish more in your day, then this course is your answer.


    How it works

    Optimize your time... from your couch!

    This course is online and will be split into six (6) units in six (6) weeks. The course contents have been set up by two Business & Life Coaches, Lisette Sandoval and Elena Carlotta Manavis, both dedicated to the cause of Women’s Empowerment, focused on businesses, set on values, and care about the work-life balance.
    The course will be developed in two main areas: Creating a work-life you love and finding ways to stay focused, motivated and organized. We'll explore all areas that entrepreneurs and leaders should consider when looking at work: their space, work hours, how to take effective breaks that promote creativity and finding the right tools to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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    Start living the way you love

    This course will give you the tools in order help redefine and rebuild an effective workflow while creating flexibility and a space that you love to work in. It addresses all the aspects that an entrepreneur and leader should consider from mindset, creating motivating and efficient schedules, thematic works weeks all while giving you the tools that will ultimately prove that "Work less, work better" is possible but also let you finally defeating procrastination once and for all!

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    Entrepreneur Business & Life Coach

    Entrepreneurial Business and Life Coach that helps women get organized, motivated, and inspired to reach their financial goals. Behavior Specialist by trade and cheerleader all day.
    Humor is the key to my success. If you can't laugh at yourself then life just isn't fun.
    Online course junkie, make-up addict, cheese enthusiast, and an undercover salad snob.

    Business Developer & Coach

    An entrepreneur with a suitcase, Business Developer, Strategist, and Business Coach mostly dedicated to the Women's Empowerment cause.

    Helps teams work effectively and efficiently one tool at a time.

    Sunset hunter, coffee lover, red velvet addict, traveller, dreamer.

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